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Belgium's political system is that of a constitutional monarchy, with the monarch having limited powers.The national flag, adopted in 1830, is a vertical tricolor of black, yellow, and red.It is said that when Henry Hudson sailed up the New York river that now bears his name, three Flemings were aboard the ship.Certainly the Belgians participated in the early settlement (seventeenth century) of what is now Manhattan.Julius Caesar's account of his efforts to subdue the area gives us the first written record of what came to be called Belgium.The Romans looked on Belgium as a defensive barrier to the Franks, Germanic tribes that eventually settled in what is now Flanders.Feudal states developed, and in the later Middle Ages the dukes of Burgundy ruled the Low Countries.In 1516, Belgium became a possession of Spain and remained so until 1713, when the country was given to Austria as settlement in the War of the Spanish Succession.

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"Hello" is probably the most widely spoken word in the world after "Okay." Aló, halo, ʾāllo, alô, hallo, alló, hello. These place names are derived from both the Walloons who settled there, as well as from the Dutch version of Walloon words used to describe a locale.For example, Hoboken is named after a town in Belgium.History repeated itself in World War II when Hitler bombed Belgium into submission and took its king, Leopold III, prisoner.The arrival of Allied forces in 1944 was followed by the Battle of the Bulge, which would decide the war's outcome.

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