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When I turned about thirteen I learned what those feeling were and I was forever hooked on rubber.

I write latex fetish fantasy fiction (and some near real) stories that I post on my Yahoo adult site rbrbill_fans.

The journey out of rubber is a sad moment but exhaustion and the need to clean up the inside of the clothes of sweat, pee and cum necessitated an end to the session. Not a single drop of anything got out of the suits during the eleven hours. I caught the call just as she was in the process of finishing her angry message.

I got calmed and finally talked with her for almost an hour.

This reduces the air access between the wader and the suit to a minimum.

I attach an Israeli style gas mask with it eye ports covered with thick layers of liquid latex to the tube.

I spent 20 of the last 72 hours encased in rubber layers. Using the three suits I have it is quite easy to achieve a totally sealed condition. This was despite profuse sweating and two pees during each session. Hearing from the outside and vision is reduced to almost nothing.

When I added the Hydroglove stocking-foot waders over the outer layer and set up a breathing system to draw air from the inside of the waders I had about as close to a sealed system as possible. Touch is reduced from the outside but is enhanced from the inside.

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The breath quickens as my arousal reaches explosive desire.

Considering her dislike of my rubber fetish this just added to the naughtiness of the session.

The call completed I put the ear plugs and hood back on then pulled each of the three dry suit hoods back over my head..again sealed in total rubber bliss.

When I put on the mask and tighten the harness the only air I receive must come from the space inside the wader.

The mask collapses a bit to the face with each breath which is somewhat restricted.

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